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Puppy Chow

There are a lot of things going on today in the world of college football. I just posted my response to the sanctions the USC athletic department received yesterday from the NCAA. For the record I think the punishment is fair and fits the crime. How much money did USC make while they were knowingly breaking the rules?

You hate to see the athletes and coaches going forward be penalized but since time machines do not exist there is really no other way to even up the situation. USC had an unfair advantage for most of a decade and now they will have to play with one arm behind their back for half of this one.

USC will recover better from this than most schools simply because they have so much local and national talent at their disposal. That being said it will take time. Just ask Miami, Alabama, and Washington how long it takes to recover from something like this.

Here is a link to USC's response.

Tyrone Duncan moves on

In Husky news DT Tyrone Duncan has decided to transfer in the search for more playing time. Duncan was in the rotation, and would have seen playing time this season, but bigger, faster, and better athletes will arrive this summer.

Expansion Update

Colorado is in and the Pac 10 is waiting for Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma who will not announce their intentions officially until Nebraska announces they are joining the Big Ten.

Sources are saying that Texas A&M is seriously thinking of joining the SEC and is trying to put together a package that includes Baylor, and the Oklahoma schools. The plan is being put together by A&M regent Gene Stallings who won a national championship at Alabama while he was coaching there.

Texas is the big prize but they only have interest in the Pac 10 or big Ten because of academics. Sources also say that the big Ten would have no problem offering both A&M and Texas but they wouldn't have room for the other Texas schools.

The money is on Texas to head West with five other Big 12 schools but the possibility that some of the Texas schools, notably UT and A&M, might instead decamp for the Big Ten Conference or the Southeastern Conference, or one to each, can not be completely discounted.

Boise State Moves to the Mountain West Conference

If took a week longer than we thought it would but now it is a done deal. Look for the MWC to expand to 12-16 teams once everything comes together. If the Big 12 breaks up and schools like Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State and Missouri are also prospective members after the power conferences are done eating.