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Checking in from the Islands

We are on the Island of St John USVI for the rest of the week. We will be back home this coming weekend. We are having a good time and the absence of TV and Internet for the most part has been a good thing.

A couple of quick notes on what is going on out there this week...All the conferences are having there annual meetings and the hot topic they will be discussing is expansion and contraction. The Big Ten has said they won't do anything this month but that doesn't mean that the other conferences out there aren't circling the wagons.

Down here in the Islands the I have met quite a few football fans from the SEC and Big 12. They all ask the same question...what is Texas going to do? I had drinks with a big time Oklahoma booster last night who is very concerned about the direction of the Big 12. He asked if I thought Oklahoma would be OK?

Interesting line of conversation from a school that most think can stand on its own but another big scandal in basketball is making them think that OU may have to scramble if Texas moves West.

One other thing that will be newsworthy later in the week will be the will be the pending USC probation which should be announced on Friday. Will USC get hammered or is the NCAA going to give them a hand slap?

So stay tuned this week because speculation is going to build on the leaks coming out of these meetings.

I will be checking back in as time allows and we will be back to our regular schedule this coming weekend.