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Puppy Chow

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The stadium committee will be meeting soon to go over alternative financing plans to fund the much needed renovation of Husky Stadium. I think that is has finally sunk in that there will be no public funds available for the project.

Nothing official out yet but I am hearing behind the scenes that they now think they can get it done for around $230 million dollars. So that means they have to find a way to raise an additional $80 million to get it financed. Don't expect ground to be broken in 2010. The new goal is to start the project after the 2011 football season.

$80 million doesn't sound like a lot but it took forever to raise that amount in much better economic times during the Campaign for the Student Athlete. It will be interesting to see how they handle this.

What are they up to?

Now that spring drills are over all the assistant coaches are out on the road recruiting. Head coaches are not allowed out during the May evaluation period. Sark is scheduled to attend the annual Pac 10 meetings in Phoenix where expansion is bound to be one of the bigger issues they will be discussing.

We mentioned last week that they were doing away with the Coaches Golf Tour and while many will miss it there just isn't as much time available at this time of year then there used. UW already has 10 commits for the 2011 class so obviously things are pretty busy.

Husky Golf

The Washington Golf team has turned into a national title contender over the last decade which is remarkable since this isn't a sunny weather school. The Seattle Times takes an inside look today at the indoor golf center they set up in Hec Edmundson Pavillion which is helping them build on that success.

"I tell people it's Hawaii 365 days a year in here," said Washington men's golf coach Matt Thurmond, proudly showing off the Huskies' indoor golf center, which opened in June 2009 inside Edmundson Pavilion. "So we usually play Hawaiian music."

Seattle Times