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Pac 10 Championship Game?

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We have all read about the possibility that the Pac 10 might stage a championship game without expanding to 12 or more teams.

Frankly I think it is silly to have a championship game in a conference where you already have round robin play. Why should your team have to beat someone twice to win the championship? The only reason would be money...lots of money...they estimate that the game could generate over $15 million per year which would provide a healthy payout to conference members.

Jon Wilner takes the time to examine the possibility in his column.

The impact of fielding a championship game with a 10-team league cannot be overstated because it would create at least $10 million annually, according to sources, and possibly much more — and that windfall would be split 10 ways, instead of 12.

As noted numerous times on the Hotline but must be repeated: The central expansion question facing the Pac-10 is whether there’s a combination of two new teams that would make a 1/12 revenue split greater than a 1/10 split.