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On the expansion front Big Ten commisioner Jim Delany says the Big Ten will not be making any decisions until this fall which means that the rumor of Nebraska and Missouri being invited to join the conference in July is not on the table as of yet.

As we all know the Big Ten is the tail that wags the dog at this point but the two key components in any expansion discussion are Notre Dame and Texas. Both schools can call their own shots but it seems they would rather stay where they are at this point unless forced to do something else. The definition of forcing the issue  would be the break-ups of the Big 12 and Big East conferences.

A possible alliance between the Pac 10 and Big 12 to form a TV network and negotiate together on national/regional TV contracts is gaining quite a bit of steam after the numbers were released regarding the new ACC TV contract which did not include a cable television network.

The possibility of such an alliance and the dollars it would bring in could be making Nebraska and Missouri think twice about leaving for the Big Ten at the moment.

No matter what happens the Pac 10 and the Big 10 are going to put themselves in a position to have a conference championship game at the end of the regular season simply because of the money and exposure involved.

"We may not expand, we may," Delany said. "If we do, it will be the result of a very thorough set of studies that touch on competitive aspects, the educational fit and it would have to be fiscally sound."

Spring Fling

Washington spring sports are in the home stretch and the official UW site has published a summary of everything that will be going on over the next couple of weeks. Go Huskies Washington is in a good position to win national titles in golf, crew, and softball.

If you are in the Montlake neighborhood later this week stop by and catch a softball game this Thursday or Friday. The Huskies will be playing Oklahoma in a best out of three series in the NCAA Super Regional. This will be one of your last chances to watch future hall of fame pitcher Danielle Lawrie in person.

Nick Taylor made UW golf history on Monday when he was announced as the winner of the 2010 Ben Hogan Award at Colonial Country Club in Dallas. He is the first Husky golfer to ever win the honor.

Big time RB recruit Brendan Bigelow visited the UW this past weekend and enjoyed his visit. He says he is 100% committed to Washington at this point. If you are a Dawgman subcriber you can link to the story here. One big key in his recruitment is that his mother lives in Seattle and he enjoys a good ferry boat ride.

Jake Locker said the other day that he doesn't intend to play baseball this summer. That was news to the LA Angels who said if that is the case Jake may be writing them a check. Count on Jake spending some quality time with the Angels this summer once everything is clarified. The OC Register ran a story on it earlier this week.

The Seattle Times is bringing in UW AD Scott Woodward for a chat session Wednesday at noon over at Bob Condotta's Husky football blog. Scott will continue to answer questions about the upcoming stadium remodel project which could commence as early as this December.

Bob Condotta also has been writing about the nature of the renewal of athletic scholarships and the practice of oversigning recruits. Just another example of how much we love to eat the sausage without being there to witness how the sausage is actually made. He goes on to point that the US Justice department is taking a long look at scholarship renewal.