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Scott Woodward clarifies a few items

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Scott Ecklund from Dawgman spoke with Husky AD Scott Woodward to clarify a few things like future stadium capacity and he expanded on his comments at the press conference on Friday.

On the possibility of reducing seating capacity: "There’s only one thing that’s certain, that’s that we’re going to redo the stadium. Everything else is up in the air and I couldn’t have made it more clear. Uncertainty is the worst thing for people and it’s going to drive them crazy, but tell them to ‘hang in there’ and the worst case scenario is that, if we do decide to shrink it and we have a pent-up demand problem, we can add a west upper-deck in a heartbeat. Now, I’m not saying that’s what we’re going to do, but it’s a scenario. Expanding is easy."


One thing for sure Husky fans...the AD and the current President of the University are listening to you. Keep in mind that nothing has changed, nothing is etched in stone, but they are very interested in what you have to say, and they heard loud and clear that the fan base prefers being over 70,000 in capacity.

They also don't have a plan to reduce the capacity of the stadium just for the sake of doing it. What it really comes down to is cost. If it cost millions of dollars extra to add a couple of thousand seats to stay at 70,000 they aren't going to do it at this point because it would be a poor use of the money.

What is exciting is Scott Woodward's comment that they can add a West end upper-deck in a heart beat if they need to in the future to take care of demand. Now isn't the time to do that because of lack of demand, other construction projects in the area, and the potential of delays due to hearings and law suits.

The most important thing right now is fast tracking the stadium remodel and having enough funds in place to build the football operations center at the same time.

Jones Decision Today?

The Terrence Jones saga is supposed to end sometime today with Jones signing a LOI with Washington despite dalliances with Kentucky according to his high school coach. Kentucky head coach John Calipari has been figured prominently in NBA coaching rumors of late. The latest being that he could become part of a package that includes the signing of Lebron James.

I think this one is actually too close to call.