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The Monday Morning Wash

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It will be pretty hard to top last week for college football news with talks on the expansion front heating up and the University of Washington announcing that they would remodel Husky Stadium at the end of this season or in 2011 without using public funds.

Most of the fan base was pretty excited but the announcement that the stadium may seat less than the current capacity didn't go over well with most fans even though the stadium has not been full on a regular basis since earlier this decade.

The thought process among the fan base is the significant point of pride in having the largest stadium in the Pacific Northwest. I think most would be happy with a capacity of around 70,000 but once you dip below that it becomes a major issue among most fans.

Historically Washington doesn't have a problem selling out its football stadium when times are good. Even when they are mediocre ticket sales haven't been a problem. The only time it does become a problem is when you put a terrible football team on the field and the school did that under Keith Gilbertson and Tyrone Willingham.

The thinking among the diehards is that Steve Sarkisian is firmly in control is that Washington will climb the ladder back to being an annual Pac 10 title contender and player on the national scene. Once the team starts bowling again the fan base will come back and no matter what the capacity of the stadium is it will be a tough ticket.

Obviously some seats are going to be lost in the current footprint simply because they are bringing the stadium up to modern ADA standards. The hope is they keep it slightly over 70,000 and increase it to 80,000 after the Sound Transit and 520 projects are finished at the end of the decade.

Stanford reduced its capacity by half when they built there new stadium on the site of the old one. California's stadium which once had a capacity of 80,000 will be reduced to the mid 60's. The Rose Bowl which once sat 110,000 may also be downsized into the 80,000 range once plans are finalized.

Husky Men's Crew Sweeps Pac 10 Championships

The top-ranked Washington men's crew made a dominating run to the Pac-10 championship Sunday on California's Lake Natoma, sweeping all four races in capturing its 33rd conference rowing title. The victory is another step along the way to winning a second consecutive national championships and third in the past four years at the IRA's back East in June.

The second ranked University of California rowed its very best of the season but still fell short against the Huskies. The Bears will get one more crack at Washington in the IRA's.

The UW Women continue to improve under coach Bob Ernst and they placed third in the competition and will also likely get an invite to the national championships.