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Ted Miller chimes in on the looming spectre of expansion in college football with his take on some of the ways the dominoes could fall out West.

Has the Pac-10 -- or a party representing its interests -- "unofficially" reached out to, say, Colorado or even Texas to measure a possible partnership? I find it hard to believe that hasn't happened in some form -- though I have no specific information -- just like it's hard to believe the Big Ten and Notre Dame haven't touched base in some way that allows all parties to retain plausible deniability.

While the Big Ten repeatedly has insisted that it will stick to the original 12- to 18-month timetable it laid out in December, the general feeling is that the expansionist wheels are grinding forward and news will break this summer, perhaps as early as June.

Projecting how the dominoes ultimately fall on the West Coast, however, continues to be pure speculation at this point.

Ted Miller

If you missed the Seattle Times online chat with Steve Sarkisian on Tuesday you can link to a transcript of the chat here. As usual the coach approached the assignment with his usual gusto.

Coach Sarkisian talked about spring football, the upcoming 2010 season and much more in a live chat on May 11.

Link to Sark Chat Session

While Oregon has been grabbing most of the misbehavior headlines in 2010 there have also been less publicized problems in Corvallis. John Canzano feels accountability may have taken a vacation at Oregon State.

Nope, stealing a golf cart isn't burglarizing a fraternity house. It's not allegedly assaulting a woman, either. It's not drunk driving, or assault at a party. The rash of incidents in the last few months at the University of Oregon were more alarming, but when you combine the OSU golf cart incident with the boating while intoxicated (quarterback Peter Lalich) arrest, you sort of wonder where it's all headed.

Oregon Live

My blogging brethern over at Bruins Nation give us their view on the Pac 10's hire of CAA to assist in the rebranding of the conference for the future.

Q: What do Brad Pitt, Steve Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney and the Pacific 10 Conference have in common?

A: They are all represented by Creative Artists Agency, the prominent Los Angeles-based entertainment and sports agency.

Bruins Nation