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Big Ten offers Nebraska, Missouri, Notre Dame and Rutgers?

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Lots of reports breaking this afternoon that the Big Ten has offered membership to Missouri, Nebraska, Notre Dame, and Rutgers. If Notre Dame accepts the conference will offer membership to either U-Conn, Syracuse, or Pitt to round things off at an even 16 teams. If the Irish decline they can sit at 14 teams or offer two more to get to the magic number.

Take the news with a grain of salt because officials at Missouri and Nebraska are currently denying the validity of the report. The Big Ten Presidents have their annual meeting in June and the word is that they would like to have everything wrapped up by the start of July.

If the story is true how does this move impact the Pac Ten?

Does this open the doors for Texas, Texas A&M, and Colorado to receive invites? Would Texas and Texas A&M prefer the SEC over the Pac 10?

Would losing Nebraska and Missouri signal the end of the The Big Twelve?

Stay tuned on this one because even though everyone is denying it (they always do) the schools and the scenario described sound pretty much like what we have been predicting for the last six months.