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The Monday Morning Wash

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We start off the week with a link to an interview that Pac Ten Commissioner Larry Scott did with AOL Fan House concerning conference expansion. I think expansion is the hottest topic going on right now in the NCAA. The Pac 10 wants to have a championship game and the only reasonable way to do that is add two more schools. There has been discussion of having a championship game and not expanding which makes little sense because the Pac 10 already has a round robin schedule which determines a true champion.

We started this process well before we had any inkling on whether the Big Ten or anyone else was thinking about expansion.

[The Pac-10] started looking into [expansion] because it had media negotiations coming up and with me being brought in as the new guy. It was expected for me to come in with a fresh set of eyes and look at everything in order to figure out what is viable.

Of course, everyone is paying attention to everyone else. I wouldn't say that what another conference does will dictate what we do, but I would say that it is just an additional factor to be considered.

However, our timing is not driven whatsoever by what the other conferences may do. Our timing is solely connected with our TV/media rights negotiations going forward. ... Whatever we decide to do, we'll go to the market knowing what our product is.

AOL FanHouse

Softball Team Clinches Title

Jenn Salling hit a run-scoring double in the eighth inning Sunday to lift the No. 1 Washington softball team to a 1-0 win over Stanford, its second walkoff victory in two days. The victory, coupled with second-place UCLA's 4-2 loss to California, gives Washington (43-5, 15-3) its third Pac-10 title and first since 2000. It marks UW's first outright conference title since 1996, when coach Heather Tarr played third base for UW.

Go Huskies

Sark Chat

Steve Sarkisian will be participating in a chat on Bob Condotta's Husky Football Blog on the Seattle Times website  on Tuesday at noon. Bob does an excellent job answering questions in his chat sessions. The addition of Sark to the chat gives fans the opportunity to ask him almost anything they want which is a great way to interact with the Husky head man.

Pulu Case

DE Andru Pulu was sentenced to six months in jail for stomping on the head and breaking the nose of a student at a party earlier this year. The severity of the sentence means that Pulu will not return this season. The door is however slightly ajar for his return once he has finished his sentence. Officially he is currently listed as suspended from the team. Pulu has said that he will reapply to UW once he has his life back in order again. The question of course is if the UW will give him a second chance.

California to start stadium remodel at seasons end

The long awaited remodeling/rebuilding of the University of California's Memorial Stadium will start at the end of next season. The Bears will play the 2011 campaign at AT&T Park in downtown San Francisco and return to a remodeled Memorial in 2012. The Huskies will play the last game at the old stadium on November 25th.

The stadium hasn't changed much since it was built in 1923. It reminds me of a mini version of the Rose Bowl. The views are spectacular from the stands. You can see all the way across the bay to San Francisco. Tight wad hill above the western rim of the stadium is also pretty unique. Cal fans who are light in the wallet have been watching games up there for the past ninety years.

The playing surface at Memorial will be lowered four to six feet to improve existing sight lines. Official seating capacity would be reduced to 63,200 from the current 72,500 to accommodate modern seating. The most important part of the remodel is bringing the stadium up to current seismic standards since it is built directly above the notorious San Andreas Fault.

Total cost of the renovation is in the $320 million neighborhood with the bulk of the finds going toward seismic retrofitting and bringing up the stadium to ADA standards.