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Terrence Ross

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Height: 6'5"

Weight: 185

Position: SG

High School: Jefferson (Portland)


Scout 4*, #21 SG

Rivals 4*, #48 Overall

ESPN 95, #5 SF, #30 Overall

How He Came To Be A Husky

Ross made very little spectacle over his announcement. He showed up to the gym wearing a Washington sweatshirt and hat, and his family was decked out in purple. Though he hadn't officially announced that he would be a Husky, that information was leaked (by Ross himself) about a week ago prior to his visit to Montlake. He simply sat at the table, made his intentions clear and signed his LOI with his mother.

Ross had previously verballed to Maryland, though reconsidered that, and came home to get his academics in order after spending some time away from Portland. It wasn't a typical or ideal situation, but it worked out in the Huskies' favor.

Potential Impact

Ross is good. Really really good. He's been overshadowed by Jones lately, and the fact that he didn't play high school basketball this season has put a hitch in his evaluation, but this kid is a talent.

On the offensive end, Terrence can put the ball in the basket a variety of ways. His height and jumper make him a serious threat shooting the three. He has the ball handling skills and quickness to attack the basket or hit a pullup jumper. And his athleticism gives him chances at second chance points.

Because he has such a variety of skills, it's hard to not see him contributing from day one. He'll be competing with Scott Suggs and C.J. Wilcox for the available minutes at the off-guard position, and it's entirely possible that he beats one or both of them out and becomes the first gunman off the bench.

"Terrence Ross is rare in that he possesses a high-level combination of athleticism and is yet an outstanding shooter," said Romar. "He's just scratching the surface as how good he can be. He will definitely help with us trying to become a better-shooting basketball team. He gives us instant help in that regard. He also has great size and fits right in with what we're trying to do defensively."

Ross also had the initial impact of having Terrence Jones tag along with him. That was (apparently) short lived, and now Jones is again unsure, but if the other Terrence follows through on the commitment he made yesterday when he verballed to Washington, Ross is partially to thank. With or without Jones though, Ross is a gem.

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