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Tiger who?

I was watching the sports news on TV in Chicago last night and it was all about Tiger Woods and his better than average opening round. Funny thing is they barely mentioned the guy who happened to be leading the tournament at six under who had recently turned 50 years old.

I opened up my browser to the Seattle Times sports page and found Fred Couples staring back at me after shooting six under in the opening round to lead the Masters. Fred turned 50 this year and has been tearing up the Seniors Tour and arrived at Augusta sporting a three tournament winning streak.

What struck me about the photo of my old classmate from O'Dea was all the gray hair. He still looks great but it seems just like yesterday when we were in our early twenties. Thirty years ago Jack Nicklaus was still in his prime at around 40 years old. Thirty years ago Arnold Palmer was 50 and they were starting something called the Senior tour.

Arnold and Jack were the official starters this year and probably will continue those duties till the end of their lives. I imagine Gary Player will join them soon to help take the places of the departed Sam Snead, Gene Sarazen, and Byron Nelson. The Masters is all about tradition so they actually held those starting spots open for half a decade until Palmer and Nicklaus retired and were eligible to assume the helm.

Fred Couples won the Masters in 1992 and that victory guarantee's him a place in golf history and the opportunity to come back to Augusta every year. Fred has played some of his best golf in Augusta and has been in a position to win the tournament on the final day ten times. He also has a second and a third place finishes to go along with his single victory.

This is a big week for Fred and all his old friends from back home will be cheering for him as usual. By the way just thought I would mention that Fred bleeds purple and gold. Fred is a huge sports fan and he feels the same way about the Huskies that we do.

Go get em Freddy!

Tiger who?