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Puppy Chow

DE Peter Follmer has made a strong early impression with his overall strength. He also won't cost the football team a scholarship, as he was a walk on in the track and field program.

DE Clarence Trent's Husky football career may have taken an interesting turn with his Twitter account is stating he is through with the football experiment after only three practices. That may or not be true, as kids frequently enjoy fooling around on their Twitter accounts with bogus messages. We will see if he is out on the field for practice later today.

LB Alvin Logan is up to a solid 228 lbs, making him an ideal candidate for the SAM linebacker position. Mason Foster played the position last season, but has been moved outside to WIL this spring. Cort Dennison played WIL last season, but has moved over to MLB.

WR Cody Bruns has taken over as the holder on kicks this spring. Though Bruns hasn't had much a of a shot at WR, this move puts a very dangerous player on the field. Bruns has an accurate arm and that will come into play on fourth down and two point conversion opportunities.

RB Demetrius Bronson is now in the 230 range, making him a logical choice to move the pile in short yardage situations. The problem for Bronson so far has simply been holding on to the ball. His goal this spring is to eliminate fumbles, or he will fall behind Callier and Cooper on the depth chart.

Coach Sark has been visiting the fraternities and dorms this spring to stir up the enthusiasm for Husky Football. The reception has been good and the sales of student tickets have increased.

The University of Oregon will hold a press conference today to try to explain the 2.3 million dollar outgoing AD Mike Bellotti received as severance for less than a year on the job. The Oregon State Attorney General's office is investigating the payment.

Washington State Cougar's senior defensive tackle Toby Turpin has been expelled from school over an undisclosed academic incident.

A ruling from the NCAA infractions committee on alleged extra benefits provided by would-be sports agents to former USC running back Reggie Bush and other allegations is expected sometime this month. The feeling out there is the penalties will be significant even though the new Trojan coaching staff has been playing down the potential impacts to recruits.

We will have more after practice this evening.