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Do You Want To See The Terrences Announce?

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Sure you do! They'll be doing exactly that around 3:30 Pacific, with coverage coming from Oregonlive here:

When they get a direct link going to the press conference the above link will (magically) be changed to take you to it.

Percy Allen just tweeted that Jones is wearing a black polo. We'll have updates on his clothing, most notably his heberdashery, as they come.

The link is now up. Quick, click on it and you can see the arm of a man wearing a gray shirt!

Six hats on the table. From left to right, Kentucky, Washington, UCLA, Oregon, Oklahoma, Kansas. The UW one is undoubtedly the best; all the others have school initials (boring), whereas it is black with a purple husky on it.

Audio difficulties are fun! Audio now working after blasting listeners ears for about 6 seconds.

Terrence Ross is wearing a Husky sweatshirt and hat.

The players walked in. Ross in his UW gear. Looks good in purple.

Hosley up first, he's still undecided.

Johnson is going to Texas Southern for football. Congrats to him.

Madison is going to Idaho. Good luck young man.

Terrence Ross is up, makes UW official, signs LOI.

Jones' turn. Thanking everybody and getting a little emotional.