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UW Coaches tour is no more

For the past 38 years Husky coaches have joined boosters at different locations around the state to play a round of golf and mingle during the month of May. The tour was a staple of the Don James era but has lost its luster in recent years because of fluxuating enthusiasm among the various coaching staffs assembled since the DJ years.

They are going to replace it this year with something called "Celebrating the Huskies. There is still going to be a dinner event where the coaches speak and mingle with the boosters but they are going to bag the golf and replace it with an event during the day which will be family friendly and have some sort of traveling fun zone featuring Harry the Husky.

They are also cutting the schedule back to only four events over one week.

May 11 Tacoma, Philip Hall, UW Tacoma campus

May 13 Portland, Venue Pearl

May 18 Bellingham, Bellwether Hotel Ballroom

May 20 Yakima, Apple Tree Resort