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Clarence Trent Is Transferring

The freshman is heading across town and will be playing for our old friend Cameron Dollar at Seattle U. It has been confirmed by the school.

He will be in a good situation for himself in that he will be with Cameron Dollar, who was on staff at Washington when Clarence signed with us. We'll still get to follow him and we wish him well.

-Lorenzo Romar

Unlike the situation with Elston Turner, this looks like more of a "Romar Math" type deal. Trent's scholarship was nearly cleared from the team when he went out for football, and now he's leaving the school, so it looks like he's left for an opportunity to play somewhere else because either A) he was encouraged to or B) he didn't see himself contributing to the team as quickly as he'd have liked. Both seem plausible.

Seattle University is going to get a pretty good player for their level. Trent will have a year off to work on his all around game, then probably be one of SU's top players. Independents don't often land players of Trent's caliber, and he'll be playing competition that is much less than he sees in the Pac-10, so he could put up some big numbers. The first time Coach Dollar took in a Husky, that worked out pretty well for the Seattle University program. I'd imagine Trent helps out that program tremendously as well.

The Huskies now have two scholarships available. Apropos of this, Terrence Jones and Terrence Ross may be announcing their college choices on Friday. However, even if they decide to go elsewhere, these scholarships would be very useful in the future, as 2011 has the potential to be a banner recruiting year for Coach Romar.