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Anthony Boyles making a move

There are a lot of people out there who have written off a guy named Anthony Boyles. Boyles was a four star WR recruit during the Willingham era who was supposed to contribute right away. He didn’t because he didn’t qualify immediately and had to sit out half a year. When he arrived on campus he ended up redshirting the first season rather than starting.

Three years into the program Boyles has now moved to CB  and there are a lot of posters out there who have written him off and expected him to transfer. What they don’t understand is that Boyles is a superb athlete who the coaches just happen to like. He didn’t catch on right away at WR because he didn’t pick up the routes and play book as quickly as others.

Boyles was prone to lapses in concentration which can be fatal for playing time when there are guys ahead of you who are more plugged into the offense. The coaches came to that conclusion in the last third of the 2009 season and decided to try Anthony at CB to see if he could catch on.

From the very first practice Boyles impressed. The coaches didn’t rush him into action but the talent was there and they decided the move would be permanent. Anthony has worked very hard in the off season and according to observers he was the best looking CB out there the first day of practice.

What he has going for him is experience as a receiver so he has an advantage anticipate routes. In addition to that he has pretty good speed and he is tall for a CB. That gives him a natural role of being able to cover big receivers.

Anthony Boyles is going to be in the CB rotation in 2010. He could also challenge for one of the starting positions. Keep an eye on him this spring because he is a player that is getting ready for significant playing time in 2010.