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Reaching for answers at defensive end

Washington's defense made a lot of progress last season under first year DC Nick Holt but one thing was certainly obvious and that was the coach needed more depth and quality to get the job done over the long haul. Washington put together an excellent recruiting class which will arrive this fall but the defensive end position is a serious area of concern this spring and going into next fall.

The situation is complicated by the absence of three potential starting candidates this spring. Andru Pulu is still on the roster but will not practice this spring because of disciplinary reasons. Pulu was suspended from the team after he was involved in a fight that led to major injuries for the person who ran into his hand and foot at a party around a month ago.

Everrette Thompson who played inside last year was scheduled to move outside this season and claim one of the starting spots. A torn achilles tendon suffered in winter drills will keep him out this spring and could force him to redshirt this fall.

Kelani Aldrich is another player who could step into a starting position this fall. He is sitting out this spring to allow his chronically injured knee the time to get as close to 100% as possible. Aldrich is healthy enough to go right now but the coaches want to take all precations to make sure he is ready to go in the fall.

As is stands right now Talia Chrichton and Deshon Matthews are your starters at DE. Chrichton has a lot of potential and played as a true frosh last season. The coaches say a year in the strength program will yield significant dividends for the talented Chrichton.

Matthews was a highly recruited four star athlete who has been a bust up to this point. He moved inside last year due to need and is back outside this srping for the same reason. He hasn't shown much as a Husky so far and this is last chance to show that he can make something happen.

With Thompson, Adrich, and Pulu out there is zero depth behind the starters and this is where the coaches need to start getting very creative. The first announced move is that Alvin Logan will be given a shot to see what he can do as a LEO style rush end. Logan also is the top backup at WLB.

The move of Dorson Boyce to FB means that the coaches can move RS Kimo Makaula to DE if they wish. Kimo is the right size for the position and is more than athletic enough to pull it off an do well. I know the coaches are intriuged with what he can do at FB but DE is where the opportunity is. Like I said nothing has been announced yet but I expect the move to happen during the first week of practice.

6'5 225 lb basketball refugee Clarence Trent is a surprise walk on this spring who moves immediately into the two deeps at DE. Trent hasn't played football since he was a sophomore in high school. Trent has the size and athletic ability to get the job done but we will have to wait and see how he does over the next month. If he plays in the fall it would mean that he would give up his basketball scholarship and be put on a football scholarship.

That would be good news for Lorenzo Romar since it would open up a free spot on his roster. The football team though does not currently have an extra scholarship available. So don't expect Trent to play this fall unless the coaches feel he can crack the rotation. This move is going to be very interesting to watch. The last player of note to make such a move was a guy named Reggie Rogers who ended up being a NFL frist round drat choice.

Does Clarence Trent remind you of Reggie Rogers?

We shall see!