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Press Conference

The most notable item mentioned in today's press conference was the shuffling of the offenive line heading into spring. Drew Shaeffer has been moved to center with Ryan Tolar and Mykena Ikehara flanking him at the guard positions. The coaches believe Schaeffer can do a better job handling the line calls that those performed by Tolar.  As expected, Senio Kelemete has moved outside to tackle to be paired with Skyler Fancher, who has recovered from the slew of injuries which sidelined him last season.

I like the moves, as they potentially create room for the five best players in the starting lineup, and the coaches must be pretty confident that Fancher has recovered. The moves also signal they will be going young in the two deeps outside this fall. Expect two of the incoming frosh to join the rotation if Shaeffer can stick inside.

On the injury front, Greg Christine who started the first half of last season before breaking is leg is back close to 100% and will participate this spring. Christine can fill in at guard and center. S Justin Glenn is expected to see action as spring progreses. His injury was almost identical to Christine's.

Dorson Boyce has been moved over to FB to back up Austin Sylvester. That move could give him a shot at a little playing time. It wasn't announced today but I anticipate that Kimo Makaula is going to be tried at DE. The Huskies don't have a lot of options there and he certainly passes the looks test. Not as much need at FB with Zach Fogerson joining the roster this fall.

Cameron Elisara is a guy that may see some time outside this spring. i always felt that Cameron may have been a better fit outside even though he had a breakthrough season inside last season. Alvin Logan who started his career as a wide receiver then moved to safety could be another guy who see's some time as more of a hybrid rush end this spring.

Practice starts at 4:00 PM on Tuesday and is open to the public.