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Washington vs New Mexico Game Thread

Washington takes on New Mexico tonight in the second round of NCAA tournament. The Lobo's entered the tournament as the #3 seed in the East while Washington came in at #11. Taken at face value that must mean New Mexico is favored going into tonights game. Not so fast as Lee Corso is fond of saying. I personally think Washington comes into this one with an edge over the Lobo's despite the seeding.

Darington Hobson is New Mexico's dominant player and Washington needs to stop him to get into the Sweet Sixteen. Hobson is a versatile player. He leads his team in scoring, rebounds and assists. He also knows how to play a little defense. Lets put it this way...the guy is the complete package when healthy. Hobson injured his wrist against a scrappy Montana squad on Thursday night. The injury could affect his shooting and ballhandling tonight so be sure to keep an eye on that.

Tipoff is scheduled for 2:50 PM PST.