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Oregon update - Felonies and Misdemeanors

Reports are coming in that Jeremiah Masoli's fingerprints were found on one of the stolen items and he will be arraigned today in court. There are also reports that Masoli has cleaned out his locker and will no longer be a member of the team. Official word on all of this is due to come out this afternoon.

If has also been rumoured that LaMichael James will not be suspended from the team even though he is expected to enter a lesser plea of harrasment today in court. If that one is true that will be a real head shaker which will be debated on a national basis.

Chip Kelly was expected to address the situation publically today but we have heard he will not talk to the media until next week and any communications today will be in the form of short written statements from the Oregon athletic department.

Kelly is in a tough spot but delaying comment on the situation only makes him look worse.

Bellotti said the distinctions would be between charges and convictions, and between misdemeanors and felonies. A felony conviction would result in dismissal from the team and loss of scholarship, he said.

That could give some indication of how coach Chip Kelly might levy punishment to his star running back and his star quarterback after Friday's hearings in Lane County Circuit Court. James' case involves misdemeanors. Masoli's involves a felony.  Oregon Live Link

So let me get this straight...misdemeanors and fine and felonies are a no no?

So you can commit all the misdemeanors you want and still be on the team?