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The Monday Morning Wash

The Olympics ended last night and I have to admit that I spent a good part of the last two weeks watching and hanging out in front of the TV. I thought NBC did a decent job, though they didn't really satisfy the urge for live coverage. I did think that it was pretty strange that they interrupted the closing series for something called the "Marriage Ref". I mean what the heck was that?

The Gold Medal Hockey game yesterday had me on the edge of my seat. I forgot how much fun it was to watch a hockey game. The big plasma really helps you get into it compared to the old days. It is much better when you can actually see the puck. USA lost in overtime to the Canucks but they left it all out there the entire tournament.

I am sure most of you guys watched the games so we start off with this series of questions for fun.

1. What is your favorite sport in the Winter Olympics?

2. Who was your favorite male athlete in the 2010 Winter Games?

3. Who was your favorite female athlete in the 2010 Winter Games?

I like pretty much everything except men's figure skating and ice dancing. I guess if I have to pick one sport it would be the bobsled followed closely by the half pipe. As for my favorite male athlete it would be Shaun White, who grabbed some incredible air in the half pipe, followed by local guy Apolo Ohno. On the female side I have to go with Lindsey Vonn.

Husky Basketball

Washington won a road game this weekend and has two more to go before the Pac 10 Tournament begins. UW is very capable of sweeping on the road in the Willamette Valley this weekend; in fact, if they don't sweep, in my opinion, they really aren't tournament-worthy. I am thinking that even if UW does sweep, they may need to win the Pac 10 tournament to jump off the bubble. The Cassino, of course, is a better judge of that than me, but that is where my head is at.


It is softball season again and the Huskies have all the parts needed to win a second consecutive national championship. The women went 5-0 over the weekend in Palm Springs. The team is now 12-1 this pre-season. Next stop for the Huskies is Honolulu next week for another tournament.


Oregon actually made it through the weekend without any of the players getting thrown in jail, a huge relief if you are a Duck fan, but kind of a bummer for me because now I don't have anything new to write about this morning. That will change this week because spring practice is beginning for some of the Pac 10's southern schools. Stanford kicks things off today. Ted Miller of ESPN came out with his spring primer today to let us know what everyone in the conference is up to.