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Dawgs and Devils

Running a bit tight on time, but no mystery here. The storylines:

  • Justin Holiday has been lights out defensively lately, shutting down everybody he's matched up against (Landry Fields, Klay Thompson, Jamelle Horne) and tonight he gets Rihards Kuksiks, who torched the Huskies when these teams met in the desert. The smart money says that Ric has a bit of a dropoff in his production.
  • Huskies at home. No more needs be said about this.
  • Since conference play has started, UW is 5-0 when there are 74 or more possessions, and 0-5 when there are fewer than 74. Washington (with an adjusted tempo of 75 possessions per game) needs to dictate the tempo, force turnovers and run. The Sun Devils are not wont to run, and the previous meeting had just 65 possessions. Tempo will be key.
  • Scott Suggs has the green light. Against Arizona he had 13 points on 3/9 shooting, and 3/7 from 3. On many of his shots, he caught and shot without hesitating, and sometimes early in the shot clock. It's something that he didn't seem as confident doing earlier in the year, but now that he has separated himself as the team's best shooter he's shooting whenever he has daylight. He may be the key to gashing ASU's zone.

Kenpom says 71-70 Arizona State, with the Huskies having a 49% chance of victory. Basically it's a dead heat. But again, at home, gotta give UW the edge. UW 78, ASU 73.