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Bill Moos agrees to terms with WSU

Bill Moos has agreed to become the next AD at Washington State. The 59 year old Moos will be welcomed as a Messiah/Rock Star whose job is to rebuild a slumping WSU athletic department that has the lowest budget in the Pac 10.

Moos is a charismatic fund raiser who was the main mover and shaker behind Oregon's climb to national prominence. Moos did a have a little help from a guy named Phil Knight but he was the architect who put the thing together and brought a lot of other contributors to the table.

Fund rasing will be job number one for Moos at WSU. Many think he is the guy who will be able to unite a lethargic fan base to do great things. Job number two will be firing Paul Wulff next fall and finding the next great football coach who will fill the stands of Martin Stadium.

My take on all of this is Moos will do a tremendous job but WSU is not Oregon. There is no Phil Knight in the Palouse. That being said he will rally whatever troops that are left out there and leave the school better shape than he found it when he retires.

If I was a Cougar fan I would be excited.