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USC Rematch

USC is the worst offensive team in the conference. They just don't shoot well. Foolishly, in the first contest we allowed them to get out and run on us, and they can put up decent offensive numbers doing that because they've got some athletes.

The Huskies want to play fast and loose; that is no secret. But USC is probably the one team in the conference that Coach Romar should tell his players to play a little more slowly, and if they see that things are getting crazy maybe take a step back and regroup. In a halfcourt game, the Huskies should have a huge advantage.

Of course, this doesn't mean play slowly, per se, because that would fly in the face of everything that the coaching staff has taught this team, but the most important element of it is to take care of the ball. If ever there was a game for Abdul Gaddy to play big (and play more minutes) this is it.

Matthew Bryan-Amaning is going to be tested in this one. USC's Alex Stepheson is perhaps the best big man in the conference, and abused the UW frontline in the last game. MBA has to play good position and not get into foul trouble, because if he does Romar will be forced to go with Tyreese Breshers. Breshers himself is always a liability to foul out.

In the friendly confines of Hec Ed, look for Quincy Pondexter to play much better than he did in the stinker at USC.

UW 72, USC 63