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Welcome Sports Press Northwest

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Art Thiel has left the Seattle PI to help start a Seattle online sports page called Sports Press Northwest with former PI columnist Steve Rudman. They have put together an all star staff consisting of Todd Dybas, Bob Sherwin, Stanley Holmes, John Hickey, Doug Farrar, Seth Kolloen, Dave Eskanzi, and Noel Zanchelli.

Lets face it with the exception of a few columns each week by Art Thiel and Jim Moore the online PI sports page was woefully understaffed. Sports Press Northwest gives us another true daily sports page to peruse in addition to the Seattle Times.

It isn't exactly easy assembling a regional, for profit, online sports site. Selling enough advertising and getting enough readers to make a venture like this successful is always an upward climb. Keep in mind that this venture is all about preserving writing jobs, supporting families, and keeping first rate writing talent in the Pacific Northwest.

So if you have time today click on the link, visit the site, list it as one of your favorites, and give them a visit each day!