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Huskies headed to Alamo?

So Arizona State pulls off a 30-29 upset of Arizona on their home field. The biggest contributing factor to the loss is two missed PAT's by the Wildcats. Arizona State moves to 6-6 and has an outside chance of going to a bowl game with an NCAA waiver. No guarantee that will happen since more than 70 teams already are qualified for the 70 open slots.

So what does Arizona's fourth loss in a row mean to Washington? Well nothing unless we knock the Cougars off Saturday in Pullman. If we do accomplish that we are a lock for the Alamo or Holiday with the Alamo doing the choosing.

Do you pick an Arizona team that has lost four in a row, or do you go with a Washington team that has a lesser record, and was smashed earlier this season by the Wildcats? According to the Alamo Bowl this morning they will pick Washington.

That could all change tomorrow if Oregon State upsets Oregon in the Civil War. That also could change on Sunday if Stanford isn't selected to participate in a BCS Bowl game.

Scenario 1 - UW beats WSU and UO beats OSU.

BCS Title Game - Oregon

*BCS Bowl - Stanford

Alamo - Washington or Stanford

Holiday - Arizona or Washington

Sun - Arizona or Washington

Scenario 2 - UW beats WSU and OSU beats UO

Rose - Oregon

*BCS Bowl - Stanford

Alamo - Stanford or Washington

Holiday - Arizona or Washington

Sun Bowl - Arizona, Washington, or Oregon State

Vegas - Arizona, Washington, or Oregon State

Scenario 3 - You don't want to know what scenario 3 is!

* Stanford is likely but not assured a spot in a BCS Bowl.