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Puppy Chow

The Huskies are headed to San Diego this week to begin preparations for the Holiday Bowl. California players left earlier in the week to spend a little time with family before the team returns to practice on Friday. The team will celebrate Christmas together on Saturday.

Chris Robinson, Sean Parker, and Zach Fogerson all remain questionable for the game. Robinson is the best bet among the trio to be recovered by game time. If Robinson is out it means the huskies will be down to only three defensive tackles for the game.

Oregon's Chip Kelly was named AP coach of the year. Stanford's Jim Harbaugh finished third in the balloting. Kelly is now the consensus coach of the year.

Stanford is the only Pac 10 team favored to win its bowl game.

Jake Locker and Mason Foster have been invited to play in the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama on January 29th.

Husky recruit Kasen Williams was named the AP 4-A football player of the year.

The Seattle Times will be doing a chat with Hugh Millen on Thursday at noon.

Todd Dybas of SportsPress Northwest examines the three most important plays of the season for the Huskies.

ESPN Classic is showing a couple of classic Husky Bowl games over the holidays. The 1978 Rose Bowl which is one of my favorites will be shown at 10:00 AM on Dec 27th. The 1993 Rose Bowl will be shown at 2:00 PM the same day. Mark that down and fire up those DVR's.

If you live in the Seattle area and are able to get UW TV they will be having a marathon of replays on January 1st.

Scott Eklund over at Dawgman tells you everything you need to know about Thomas Tutogi.

Former Coug QB Ryan Leaf has inked a three book deal to tell the story of his life. Before you get real excited about this keep in mind that the publishing company is located in Pullman. A trilogy by Ryan just wow. You think that you could get most of the story down in a comic book.

Penn State's Joe Paterno turned 84 years young yesterday!