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The Monday Morning Wash

Recruiting is starting to heat up again as coaches around the country start inviting PSA's in mass over the next two weekends. If you follow Husky recruiting though you have to wonder when things are going to start to heat up. The news coming out of Montlake hasn't been very good regarding recruiting over the past couple of weeks.

Highly touted running back Brendan Bigelow who has been a soft commit to Washington since this spring changed his mind and will go to California. It wasn't much of a surprise to insiders who follow recruiting. Most feel he has been leaning toward Cal since May.

JC MLB Thomas Tutogi is the type of guy that can help the Husky defense right away. He can fill a hole at MLB allowing Cort Dennison to move to a more natural position outside. He looked like he was in the bag until USC offered. He visited the Trojan campus this weekend and will decide later this week.

Local DT Danny Shelton visited this weekend and says Oregon is still in the lead. His mother prefers Washington so the Huskies still have a chance. Losing a talent like Shelton to the Ducks would be a big loss. He says he is done with visits even though UCLA is recruiting him hard. Expect him to announce his choice sometime between now and the end of the calendar year.

OT Ryan Nowicki from the Phoenix area was also a visitor this past weekend. No word on how his visit went but he plans to also a few more schools before making a decision.

The visitor list for next weekend is going to be heavy with JC prospects. I only know of two visitors at this point but expect the list to expand this week.

JC DT Uriah Grant does not have a UW offer yet but he will likely receive one when he visits this coming weekend.

JC S/CB Aaron Garbutt reminds me of former Husky Jason Wells. He has great size and speed. He is high on Ole Miss and SMU currently.

Update - JC OT David Garness gave his verbal to USC this weekend. He was high on Washington but the Huskies haven't offered yet. Washington OL coach Dan Cozzetto wants to make sure he is a true tackle because that is the area of need they are looking to shore up. Chances are pretty good that if UW offers he will renege on USC. Garness is from Anchorage and his family would love to see him attend UW.

Weekend Practice Report

Scott Johnson from the Everett Herald has a nice run down on how practice went this weekend. If you have an interest in how the young guys are doing this was the weekend to find out.

“We have so many good players (in this freshman class), it's ridiculous,” said Jamora, one of a handful of freshmen who didn't do much Sunday. Asked what that might mean for the future of the program, he said: “We're going up; that's all I can say.”

The Profanity Debate

Please keep in mind that I have never banned anyone for swearing and don't expect to do so in the future. It happens but as a group we put together some guidelines for it on Sunday.

We had an interesting debate concerning profanity on the boards. The vote of the community was overwhelming. They want to keep it clean. Game threads can be become emotional and we all understand that. If you do feel the need to swear be creative enough to use a suitable acronym that allows your point to get across without offending other members.

i want to make it clear that we really haven't had a problem outside of the game threads. Even in the game threads it has been pretty light. We want to keep it that way so thanks for the input and the understanding.

Hijacking Threads

When Husky news happens post it as a fan post and it will be moved to the front page. When something gets tacked on to a different thread (that has nothing to do with that subject) it minimizes the story and the work of the author who spent a lot of time creating it. That is what the definition of hijacking a thread is.

We had one that fit the definition yesterday even though it was absolutely not on purpose. So in fairness when breaking news happens...and there will be quite a bit of it during recruiting season. Feel free to post it on a fan post and I will move it over the main page so it gets the discussion it deserves without taking away from another discussion.

Husky Notes

CB Vonzell McDowell will miss the Holiday Bowl because of a knee surgery that was performed last week.

DE Talia Chrichton whose knee was scoped during the mid season likely will return to play in the bowl game. The coaches are easing him back into it and all indications are posttive at this point.

DT Semisi Tokolahi had surgery to fix a broken and dislocated ankle. Sark didn't comment on it much other than to say they expect him back in 5-6 months. Hopefully everything heals well for the talented lineman who was really coming on when he was injured against WSU.

Washington has sold over 8,100 Holiday Bowl tickets out of an allotted 11,000. Nebraska has sold over 6000.

Nebraska is a 13.5 point favorite.

The Huskies will be practicing at the University of San Diego for a week in preparation for the Holiday Bowl.

Odds and Ends

Al Golden from Temple was named the new head coach at Miami. He has been a hot name for the last couple of years and was a finalist for the UCLA job three years ago.

Texas DC and head coach in waiting Will Muschamp was named the head coach at Florida. Muschamp was a leading candidate for the UW job a couple of years ago until pulling his name from consideration.

The Rose Bowl, Big Ten, and Pac 10 aren't overjoyed about the fact that Stanford is headed to the Orange Bowl rather than the Rose Bowl. Big 10 Commissioner Jim Delaney communicates on the subject.

"The notion that over time by putting political pressure on, it's just going to get greater access, more financial reward and more access to the Rose Bowl, I think you're really testing. I think people who have contributed a lot have, what I call, 'BCS defense fatigue.' If you think you can continue to push for more money, more access to the Rose Bowl, or Sugar Bowl. I have tremendous respect for Boise and TCU. ... I think they are tremendous teams that can beat any team in the country on a given day. I think the only question is, 'Does one team's 12-0 and another team's 12-0 equate?' And that's where the discussion plays out, not whether or not they're elite teams or deserving access to the bowl system. I'm not sure how much more give there is in the system."