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The Profanity Debate

We had a respected poster yesterday drop a couple of F-bombs during the A&M game thread. Not unusual because when the Huskies aren't doing well we are all pretty descriptive in our verbal narrative. As most of you know I try to delete the posts that I see that contain profanity. I also have no problem asking the person doing it to knock it off.

The poster respects my right to prohibit profanity but he also brings up a pretty good point. Is it "my site" or is it "our community" as I have repeatedly posted through the years? Am I just a benevolent dictator or a true guardian of the rights and wants of the community as a whole?

It is after all "your site," which does run contrary to post claiming that this is "our" community, posted by you.

So in the interest of fair play and democracy I will let the readers decide which way they want to go with this in the future. Do you want the site to have restrictions on the use of profanity or would you prefer an anything goes type of attitude?