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Grading the Game


I though that Keith Price looked pretty good during his first start as a Husky QB. He has good mobility and the ability to make things happen with his feet. One thing that needs to improve by next season if he wants to be the start is his arm strength. He seems to float the ball rather than zing it in there. One thing that was impressive is he didn't turn the ball over against Oregon despite the fact that he was under pressure all day long.

Grade B

Running Back

Polk and Callier as usual played flawlessly. They probably could have benefited from a few more carries but once Oregon pulled away in the third quarter it didn't make much sense. If these guys actually had a couple holes to run through they would be pretty dangerous.

Grade B Plus


This group didn't do much to help Keith Price in his debut. Too many dropped passes resulted in too may stalled drives. You have to wonder why a group with this much experience is starting to struggle with the basics like coming back for the ball.

Grade D


They started out pretty well but as the game went on the usual problems such as not being able to cover surfaced. We have plenty of bodies at these positions but not very much overall talent in the upper classes.

Grade D

Special Teams

Folk hit 2-3 field goals and Rasp punted for distance but didn't get enough hang time on a number of punts which didn't help the coverage units. As for the coverage units they were terrible. This could have been a close game if that could have been eliminated.

Grade F


The coaches had this team ready to play and Holt came up with perhaps the best defensive game plan Oregon has faced all season. We knew Washington wasn't going to be able to keep up with these guys for four quarters but overall I thought the tram did a great job with the exception of special teams. We all know that the coaches can't tackle but they can tell the kickers to get the ball to the sidelines or simply out of bounds and absorb the penalty which would have been much better than the nearly 300 return yards that Oregon was able to amass.

Grade C