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Washington at Oregon Game Thread

Nobody thinks Washington can beat Oregon including Dick Baird who is a much bigger homer than I am. Even Dick is predicting the Ducks will score over 40 points in this one and dominate the game. This type of unanimous consensus could be the type of setting that could produce the biggest upset of the year.

Perhaps this is the week the players rally together and play nasty enough to give themselves a chance. Perhaps this is the type of game the Ducks take for granted and open up a window of opportunity for the Huskies. Perhaps this is the week I buy a Powerball ticket and win $250 million! Like they always say some lucky Dawg is going to win it.

So pop in here before, during, and after the game while you are watching the game in the cozy comfort of your homes. Come join the usual suspects as we chat about our favorite passion...Husky Football!