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Enhance your experience while tailgaiting

(This is the second of a three part series of articles being sponsored by Samsung. Enhance your experience with Samsung)

One of the greatest innovations in tailgating has been the invention of the custom tailgating trailer. We aren't talking RV here because it doesn't have any type of living space. This puppy is all about serving a hungry crowd food and keeping them entertained outside the stadium on game day with a wide array of over the top electronic gizmo's in addition to food service capabilities.

I have a good friend who had one built recently and it even includes WiFi on the go, Direct TV, and flat screen panels to keep up with what is going on around the football world while outside the stadium. It has a couple of Kegerators built into it with custom taps resembling Husky football helmets.

This is a great example of what to do when you find yourself in the situation of having way too much money and not enough places to spend it. You of course need to have an understanding wife to pull this sort of thing off. What can help sway here is to also build in a custom wine fridge for her and her friends to swill away the afternoon.

What is the cost of something like this? Well nobody who buys one usually throws around numbers but we are talking somewhere in the high 30's to be able to pull this kind of thing off with success because it is so heavy the frame has to be built from scratch to support the payload of fun that it is going to be carrying.

So next time when you are at Husky Stadium take the time to admire the work of some of the Husky fans out there who have built their own private tailgating castles. Even better yet you can click on this link. Taylor takes a Taste to see some of the more unusual tailgating rigs that were at a recent Husky home game against Oregon State.