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The Final Line : Oregon 63 Washington 14

I was sitting at the pool side bar in Princeville, Kauai this week and the bartender asked me what happens if Keith Price throws for 400 yards and runs for 200 against Oregon this week? Would Jake Locker be the starter against UCLA? I replied that the chances of that are about equal to me buying the winning ticket in the Powerball lottery.

So does Washington have a remote chance of winning or even being competitive in this game with or without Jake Locker? The answer is an absolute "NO" because no matter how well the Husky offense does there is no way the defense will be able to stop the Oregon offense.

Washington's best chance at staying competitive is to line up the way they did a few years ago against Cal and attempt to play power football. Oregon has a good but not great defense. If the Huskies can somehow limit the amount of possessions the Ducks have they can keep the game semi respectable.

What does semi respectable mean? I would say it would entail keeping the Ducks under 50 points and staying close for at least a couple of quarters. Do I see that happening on Saturday...No! I see Oregon scoring quickly on the way to building an insurmountable lead in the first half.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see the Ducks up 42-0 at the half. Despite that I am going to be in front of the TV rooting for my Dawgs hoping for a miracle just like the rest of you. There is a reason they play the games each week. You never know what can happen in college football.

Vegas : Ducks by 35