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Puppy Chow - Apple Cup Edition

We finally have an Apple Cup that means something to Husky fans for the first time since 2002. Whoever dreamed it would take this long to be on the verge of bowl eligibility on the last game of the season? Historically, this was taken care of long before the Huskies and Cougars met in the season finale.

If the Huskies find a way to win on Saturday, their likely destination is  the Holiday Bowl in San Diego, where they will probably face former UW Offensive Coordinator Gary Pinkel and his Missouri Tigers. That is a pretty good reward for a potential 6-6 team that was given up for dead after three consecutive losses to Arizona, Stanford, and Oregon.

For the Cougars, the reward for winning the Apple Cup this season is simply the knowledge that they have screwed up the holiday travel plans for approximately 10,000 Husky fans and put a huge dent into the legacy of Husky QB Jake Locker.

Expect the best from Washington State on Saturday. They have had three weeks to prepare for this contest and are coming off the emotional high of upsetting Oregon State on the road. The Cougars know they are capable of winning on Saturday and that knowledge makes them the most dangerous opponent we have faced over the past three weeks.

Welcome Bugs

We have a new writer joining our staff this week. You may have noticed some pretty creative posts from Bugs Dodger lately. Bugs will be posting his views about the Apple Cup and I think you will appreciate the angle he is planning to take on the series.

Keep in mind that this is everyone's Husky blog so if you would like to contribute just let me know!

Everyone is invited

Because the team is flying, Washington can suit up 70 players for the Apple Cup, but Sark is encouraging all the players to make it to Pullman. I guess he has never had to drive to Pullman in December.

Game Tickets

WSU ticket office reports that 5,900 tickets remain for the Apple Cup. So if you want to see the game in person you can still get it done.

Locker Quote

Will your cousin (WSU Safety Casey Locker) hit you just the same as others? - "I’m sure he’ll try to hit me harder than he tries to hit anybody else."


Brendan Bigelow still says he is still a soft commit to UW after visiting Oregon. He also plans to visit Cal. DT Danny Shelton says Oregon has a slight lead but insiders say that affection will fade. Keep an eye on UCLA as the rats start thinking about leaving the sinking ship...they lost two recruits to Oregon State since Saturday.

JC MLB Thomas Tutogi favors Washington and will make a final decision over the next two weeks. He has four years to play three and is already qualified. His brother play for Arizona but they haven't offered.

Cougar running game

Cougs leading rusher James Montgomery has only 400 yards for the year, averaging just 3.6 yards a carry. UW reserve Jessie Callier has 417. So you would think that Nick Holt should be able to put together a pretty good road map on how to stop the Coug offense. WSU's offensive line is pretty suspect. I imagine Washington will be attacking Jeff Tuel from all angles.

High Ankle Sprain

Looks like Senio Kelemete has a high ankle sprain. That isn't good news but they think he has a good chance to play.

Early Weather Forecast for Pullman

30° for the high, 40% chance of snow with little accumulation during the week. High amounts of animal produced methane in the air.

The Line

Huskies open as a ten point favorite over WSU but that has fallen to seven over the last twenty four hours which means they must be running a junket to Reno from Moses Lake this week.

Boise loss costs the WAC their last big pay check

Boise State's loss to Nevada while good theater cost each WAC member $625,000!

Cougar Alum's Prepare for Apple Cup

The guy on the right looks a lot like Jim Moore doesn't he?



What are your favorite Apple Cup moments?

Share them with the group if you would like under comments and fan posts.