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Rush Hour

I was reading the Seattle Times on Monday and the education reporter of all people put together an article that was run on the first page describing the horrors of having the gall to schedule a football game on a Thursday night at Husky Stadium.

My first reaction: Oh wow....the inhumanity of it all! Nobody complains if the Mariners or Seahawks play on a Thursday night.

My second reaction: The traffic is pretty bad in Montlake at rush hour and adding 70,000 people to it will make quite a mess. Plan on getting there by noon.

My third reaction: Maybe this is the type of game that should be played at Qwest because of traffic concerns.

 Rush-hour Huskies game Nov. 18 draws backlash at UW!

The game is expected to snarl traffic through Montlake, disrupt afternoon and evening classes at the university, close clinics at the University of Washington Medical Center and play havoc with the workday schedules of thousands of fans.

So readers what is your opinion?

Is it another in a long series of Seattle Times hatchet jobs directed toward the UW football program or is it a legitimate concern?

Sonny Sixkiller

The Seattle Times is doing a live chat with Sonny Sixkiller today who is one of my all time favorite players and people.

Here is something one of my friends dug up that will bring back some nostalgia.

The Ballad of Sonny Sixkiller

Here is Sonny's reaction to it in his own words.

Yes, I still have the 45 of the ballad. Again, just like Sports Illustrated, I really didn't want to see this thing come to life. I remember the producer of the record playing me a recording of it prior to a practice to get approval to go ahead and provide it to Emperor Smith to play it on the air. And I said I would get back to him, I've got a big game coming up this week and I'm not sure if that's something I want to do. However, returning from a pre-bus ride to the hotel snack from my favorite burger joint, Dairy Delight, with Bo Cornell and the song came on Emperor Smith's program and I thought I was going to have to give Bo the Heimlich. I will say I'm a Dick's burger guy today.