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Grading the Game


Jake was in complete control of his destiny on the last drive that resulted in the winning touchdown. Convert on that drive and three earlier mistakes which either resulted in Cal points or took UW points off the boards are forgiven. This wasn't a vintage game by Jake but that last drive certainly was, Jake was 17-27 for 237 yards which wasn't too bad when you consider how bad the weather was the majority of the game. Grade B

Running Backs

Chris Polk's most important play of the game was the one yard TD run on fourth down, sealing the win for Washington. He only had 18 carries on the game for 86 yards. Jessie Callier had a costly fumble in the first half that had much to do with a clumsy exchange from Jake Locker. The fly sweep wasn't there on Saturday but Callier's 57 yard kick return was one of the keys to victory. A tip of the hat to Austin Sylvester whose block allowed Chris Polk to pop into the end zone for the winning score. Grade A


Jermaine Kearse and D'Andre Goodwin both made game changing plays in the second half helping win the game for Washington. Goodwin's circus-like 80 yard TD pass ignited Washington when they needed it early in the third quarter. Kearse's 46 yard reception in the fourth quarter was one of the biggest key to the game-winning scoring drive. Jermaine was long overdue for a big play. Grade B

Offensive Line

The Huskies won this game against a tough defensive front, a huge plus for this unit. That being said, they still aren't protecting Jake well enough. Locker was sacked way too many times and the running backs didn't have many gaps to run through during the majority of the evening. The holding penalties continue to take this squad out of drives. Grade C Plus

Defensive Line

Washington was able to plug the middle for the majority of the day but Cal still picked up 191 yards on the ground because of a couple big plays here and there. the big key is that Shane Vereen was held to 106 yards on 23 carries. QB Brock Mansion was under pressure most of the afternoon, contributing to his poor passing totals. Grade A


I am really going to miss Mason Foster and Vic Aiyewa. Foster had another in a long string of strong games. Aiyewa continues to improve from game to game. It is a shame that this is his last season. Cort Dennison as usual was all over the field making plays. Grade A


After a rough start to the season, Quinton Richardson has become one of the better corners in the conference. He continues to make play after play, rewarding a good kid and hard worker. Trufant had no problem locking down his side of the field all afternoon. Fellner and Williams were both solid at the safety positions. Grade A

Special Teams

Kiel Rasp had a 82 yard punt and was excellent with placement all day. A cheap shot in the fourth quarter sent him out of the game with back spasms. Cody Bruns filled in for him on the last punt. The Huskies only had one breakdown in coverage and Jessie Callier as noted above had a solid day returning the ball. Grade A


The staff did a nice job getting the players ready this week. Coming up with a must win on the road is never easy, but this squad was able to do it. I think Sark called a pretty solid game but I would have preferred more running plays in the second quarter when the Huskies had two drives stall due to turnovers.

Defensively, this one was a gem. The Husky defense didn't allow California a touchdown, the key to winning this game.  Special teams play also keep improving. Grade A

Video of the Final Drive