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The Final Line : Washington 27 California 17

This is a must win game for both of these teams and it is the last game to be played at Memorial Stadium until it closes for a year for renovation. Cal has a seven year bowl streak at stake and the Huskies haven't been eligible for a bowl game since 2002. So obviously both teams should be motivated going into this one.

I have looked at this game from quite a few angles but have come to the final conclusion that the only reason the Huskies lose is if they simply don't show up for this one. California's offense is a mess and our defense should be able to clog the middle enough to stop the Bear running game. Once you stop the run against these guys it should be all over.

Defensively the Bears are stouter than UCLA. They gave Oregon a pretty tough time but against a Stanford power type offense they wilted. The Washington offense is not Oregon and it certainly doesn't have the power of Stanford. What it does have is a healthier Jake Locker and I think this is the week he gets the ball down field more for his receivers to help compliment the running of Polk and Callier.

I guess the biggest thing that sticks in my mind is that Cal doesn't have a reputation of finishing the season strong. Last weeks performance against Stanford mirrors that thought. I think destiny is on the side of the University of Washington and Jake Locker in this game.

Huskies gut it out and win 27-17.