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Interesting Day in the Pac 10

Most of us had given up Oregon State for dead but they thrashed the USC Trojans 36-7 in Corvallis. Just another reason why USC AD Pat Haden only wants to make one road trip per year up North. This one was definitely a surprise after the OSU home loss to WSU last weekend.

Stanford walloped California 48-14 in a game that wasn't as close as the score would indicate. So will Cal try to pull it together against Washington next week to qualify for a bowl or will they just mail it in? Will Washington be able to stay focused on the road in round two of its attempt to win three in a row and qualify for a bowl?

I am in New Orleans with my wife this weekend and the Seahawks are going to be playing the Saints on Sunday. We saw a couple in their late 60's...perhaps early 70's walking down the middle of Bourbon Street with a homemade vinyl Seahawks banner. They might as well have put kick me signs on their backs. It was pretty pathetic to watch as they were abused by the numerous college age kids who hang out in that area.

I approached them and told them I was from Seattle and perhaps this wasn't the ideal Saturday night exercise they should be doing. The man told me it's OK...people down here are nice...he is right but you can throw that out the window when it comes to football which is a religion in the South. Thought i would share that because it was pretty insane.