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Puppy Chow - Blackout Thursday

The Husky football team will be sporting black uniforms on Thursday night for the first time. The basketball and softball teams wore similar togs last season. We aren't really sure how they are going to be trimmed out but we have heard that the pants will also be black.

The Seattle Times has a shot of the end zone.

The stadium end zones are also getting some special black and gray/purple paint for the event. Thousands of black t-shirts have been given out to the students to wear to the game so they can participate in what they are calling a blackout of Husky Stadium. 

Cort Dennison says the players think if you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good you play good. So we will see if this new color combination will end up intimidating the guys dressed up in powder blue.

Injury  Watch

Jake has practiced three consecutive times this week and looks pretty good according to observers. The medical staff will make their final evaluation on whether he is healthy enough to play later today. Jake happens to think that he is ready to go but says it is up to the doc's.

Talia Chrichton may miss the rest of the regular season. The coaches were hopeful of getting him back in time for the last three games but they don't want to rush him and risk the chance of re-injury.

Sean Parker is suffering from stingers which makes him questionable for Thursday. Taz Stevenson who has been playing well lately will step up if he is unable to go.

Basketball Tonight

The Husky basketball team takes on Eastern Washington tonight at Hec Edmundson. Percy Allen of the Seattle Times has a preview of what to look for in the game. The Eagles should give the Huskies quite a bit more trouble than McNeese State did in the opener.

The game is going to be televised in FSN so if you haven't seen this team play yet this is your chance if you aren't making your way to Hec Ed.