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The Monday Morning Wash

While it's way too early to declare Steve Sarkisian and his staff are on the hot seat, but consecutive noncompetitive losses to Arizona and Stanford are proof enough that this team isn't getting better, quite possibly growing worse by the week.

Something is wrong Montlake, highlighted last week by Sarkisian heavily censoring the media from reporting what was going on at practice. The Sarkisian era, which started with a feeling of camaraderie and openness, is now starting to circle the wagons as the lopsided losses mount.

After a quality win over a very good Oregon State squad, the Huskies have hit the field two consecutive weeks without fire. I hate to say it, but it looks like this staff is losing or has lost the support of its upperclassmen. It happened to Don James and he moved into his office until it was rectified. It happened to Ty Willingham and he went golfing.

Sarkisian needs to get the attention of his team in much the same way DJ did back in 1976. If it takes the dramatic move of setting up a rollaway bed in your office and doing bed checks every night, then so be it. When you are paid nearly $2 million per year, one must do everything in his own power to get it turned around.

Up next is Oregon in Eugene. A good USC team gave Oregon everything they had on Saturday and still gave up 53 points in a game that was actually close until the fourth quarter. No amount of positive spin can disguise the fact that Washington is headed for a loss that will make the last two look good. Chip Kelly will have no problem at all running up the score into the 70-80 point range against the Huskies if they fail to put up a fight.

The goal this week is to simply leave Autzen healthy because after that the schedule lightens up with three so-called winnable games against UCLA, Cal, and WSU. Finish the season 3-0 and Washington attains the modest goal of going to a bowl game for the first time in six years.

Before that can happen, Sarkisian needs to pull this team back together and coax the fire that has been missing from this team on a week to week basis. If he fails to get that done it is going to be a long off-season. Coaches get three years these days to prove they can win...time is starting to run out for a very promising young coaching staff.

Postmortem Quotes

"Dominating!" Harbaugh hooted at his players.

"We kicked their ass every which way! One hell of a job on both sides of the line!

Dominant, dominant!"

Seattle Times

Sark -" I think we are low, obviously, the confidence is low. But that doesn't mean it can't be built back up. And we will do that. We will work at it, we will get better. We obviously hit rock bottom tonight. It was definitely the worst offensive performance I have ever been associated with."

Bob Condotta

Note to Sark - You have no idea of how far rock bottom truly is until next week.

Pac 10 Power Ratings

1. Oregon...The Ducks aren't going to lose this season. They are so much better than every other team in the Pac 10 it is ridiculous. I don't see anyone beating them in the postseason either. Next Up : Washington

2. Stanford...Dominating win over Washington cements the Tree's claim to a BCS bowl game. They better hope that Auburn loses or they are headed to San Antonio. Next Up : Arizona

3.Oregon State...Dominating win over California proves that Riley doesn't rebuild, he just reloads. The Beavers only get stronger in the second half of the season. Next Up : at UCLA

4. Arizona...Matt Scott looked mortal in a close win over UCLA. The budding QB controversy is over in Tucson. Next Up : at Stanford

5. USC...The Trojans gave everything they had against Oregon but it wasn't enough. When was the last time that USC gave up 53 points in a game? Next Up : Arizona State

6. Arizona State...Impressive way to bounce back after being thrashed so badly by a terrible Cal team. Next Up : at USC

7. California...This 35-7 loss has to be discouraging after pummeling ASU last week. Relief is on the way next week in the form of Wazzu. Next Up : at Washington State

8. UCLA...The Bruins kept it close enough to win going into the fourth quarter but they weren't able to pull it off. Next Up : Oregon State

9. Washington...The wheels are coming off after two consecutive noncompetitive games against top twenty teams. It doesn't get any easier next week in Eugene. Next Up : at Oregon

10. Washington State...These are the Cougars we have come to love and know. 42-0? Where were the customary garbage points?  This loss may have sealed Paul Wulff's fate. Next Up : California