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The Final Line - Washington 42 Arizona State 24

Arizona State (2-3) has had its moments this season making games exciting, but they have lost the last three in a row, and at mid season look at this game as a must win if they want to go bowling this season. The Devils played two FCS teams this fall so they need to win an extra game to be bowl eligible. Washington is a must win game for the Devils.

Washington (2-2) arrives home after vanquishing USC in the Coliseum on ESPN. Jake Locker turned in the best game of his career last week so the Huskies have a lot of momentum on their side going into this game. ASU is definitely a must win game for UW. If you look at the schedule and the standings this is one of the games you win if you want to go bowling.

Vegas likes the Huskies by only 2.5 points. I think Washington will win by a lot more. I think turnovers will be a big factor and ASU does that quite a bit. UW on the other hand holds on to the ball pretty well. I predict Washington will win a game that starts off as a trackmeet by making the most of its chances in the red zone.