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Stanford Embarrasses Washington 41-0

Washington came out flat and Stanford scored on the first four possessions of the first half before the Huskies were able to stop them on defense. Stanford out-gained Washington 318 to only 35 yards in the first half.

The Washington offense was historically terrible the entire evening against a stout Stanford front seven. Stanford ran up 461 yards of offense on the evening while limiting the Huskies to only 107 total yards.

Washington QB Jake Locker had no time to throw as he dodged blitz after unblocked blitz. When he did have time he was rattled and off target. The Washington offensive line featuring two freshman starting on the right side was no match for the Cardinal defense front. This game was the definition of ultimate domination. Locker finished with 7-14 for only 64 yards and two interceptions.

Nobody has stopped Chris Polk this season but the Stanford defense snuffed him after he gained nine yards on the first play of the game. He only had 8 yards on 8 carries in the first half and finished with 13 on 17 carries for  the game.

The Husky defense had no answer for Andrew Luck who was 19-26 for 192 yards, 1 TD, and 1 interception. He added a 52 yard TD run on the first series of the game. Lick picked up 93 yards rushing. Stephan Taylor added 104 yards on 20 carries.

This game rates as one of the worst and most humbling defeats in Washington football history. It is the kind of defeat that opens up conversation among Husky fans about if this coaching staff is going to be able to survive long enough to turn it around.