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Picking the Pac - Week Nine

Arizona at UCLA

This one could get ugly pretty quickly. I would take Arizona and the points because no way will this be a close game. Neuheisel is being questioned for being too conservative on offense. Maybe UCLA fans should consider the point that they don't have anything to really work with on that side of the ball. Can Hundley arrive in time to save him?

Vegas : Arizona by 9.5  John : Arizona 42 UCLA 7

California at Oregon State

There have been some great games played between these programs over the last decade. If history teaches us anything this will be a shootout till the last whistle blows. Cal has been atrocious on the road this season and you guessed it....this game is being played in Corvallis. Cal's win over ASU last week was impressive and helped wipe the taste of the USC game away.

Vegas : OSU by 3  John : Oregon State 31 California 28

Washington State at Arizona State

The Cougars progress this year has been measured by how much better the losses look. ASU looked like they were headed in the right direction until being demolished by Cal last week. I look at this spread and it absolutely screams put the house on Wazzu!

I think the Cougars are going to take this one into the fourth quarter and have a shot at winning the game. I am picking ASU because I am not sure if the Cougs know how to win yet.

Vegas : ASU by 21  John : Arizona State 31 Washington State 27

Oregon at Southern California

This is a trap game for the Ducks who sit #1 in the polls and #2 behind Auburn in the BCS. USC has enough speed to play with these guys and they have had two weeks to get ready. ESPN GAMEDAY will be on campus so this really boils down to being USC's bowl game this year.

USC offense is doing pretty well this year. They will be able to put points on the scoreboard against the Ducks. The defense pretty much stunk until the Cal game two weeks ago. The talent is definitely there so maybe they turned the corner plus key defenders such as Wes Horton are returning from the injured list.

Vegas : Oregon by 6.5  John : Southern California 45 Oregon 42