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Arizona Pounds Washington 44-14

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Washington scored first but Arizona answered and kept answering on their way to 44-14 rout over the Huskies in Tucson. This was on old fashioned butt kicking. The Wildcats led 30-14 at the half. Both Arizona lines dominated the line of scrimmage and the Huskies never were able to compensate for it.

Arizona QB Matt Scott was 18-22 for 233 yards and 2 touchdowns. Juron Criner caught eight of those passes for 108 yards. Scott also picked up 65 yards on 7 carries. Keola Antolin (144 yards) and Nic Grigsby chipped also chipped in a couple of touchdowns on the ground.

Scott who was stepping in for the injured Nick Foles had a great game. He had plenty of time back there and was able to throw darts to the Wildcat receivers. When he wasn't throwing the Wildcats were running it right up the gut of the Husky defense.

Jake Locker was 17-29 for 183 yards and a single touchdown. He played in a flack jacket designed to protect the ribs he bruised against Oregon State the previous week. The assorted injuries he is suffering from affected his mobility.

The Washington defense was terrible from the first snap to the last. The Wildcats rolled up 467 yards of offense being led by a second string QB who was sacked five times last week by Washington State. The Huskies were never able to mount any type of pass rush. 

Jake Locker's lack of mobility exposed the vulnerability of Washington's offensive line. Once the Wildcats built a lead they were able to tee off on Jake the rest of the evening. Seven Washington receivers had receptions last night so Jake was spreading the ball around. Chris Polk was limited to 14 carries and 65 yards. He was running the ball well but once the Huskies fell behind they had to pas the ball.

So for Washington it is now out of the frying pan and into the fire because highly rated Stanford visits next week followed by a road trip to Oregon to play the #1 rated Ducks.

Arizona fans chanted "Wazzu's better" as the Huskies left the field. Be thirsty my friends. After a loss like this it may be the only solution if you are a Husky fan. It could be worse could be a Coug.