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Q&A with the Wildcats

This week, Patrick Evans of SBNation’s UA Desert Swarm was kind enough to answer some of our questions. Check out his responses to the questions, and let us know in the comments whether or not you agree with him, and why or why not.

1. How will Nick Foles injury affect the Arizona offensive game plan?

It will certainly cut back on the deep passes. There weren't that many to begin with, but Scott likely won't be passing deep unless someone is wide open. Expect to see more of a focus on the ground game, and Keola Antolin in particular. The underneath passes will still be there, as well as some mid-range stuff to test out how the Washington defense will play the pass.

2. Matt Scott was sacked five times last week by lowly WSU. Why is UA giving up so many sacks?

With Scott, he was holding onto to ball too long in the pocket. This may still be an issue this weekend, although it has likely been addressed by QB coach Frank Scelfo this week, and should be less of an issue. Scott just needs to get a feel for the pocket again.

3. Can you give us a rundown on the UA secondary? Only giving six TD's through the air sounds pretty impressive.

The secondary has been very good so far. The biggest concern, in fact, has been too many good players. Shaquille Richardson was so good subbing for Trevin Wade last week that he was named Pac-10 defensive player of the week. There is now an open competition for the two CB spots between Richardson, Wade, and Robert Golden. I would speculate that, if Wade really is 100%, you will see Wade and Richardson at CB and Golden moved back to safety. Also, Arizona has some exciting freshmen that are ready to step in any time. Watch out for Adam Hall and Marquis Flowers.

4. How does Arizona plan to keep Jake Locker contained?

Most likely with the DE's. Ricky Elmore and Brooks Reed have been ridiculous pressure on opposing QB's all year, constantly getting into the backfield. I stand by my prediction that Arizona will largely shut down the run. See the Iowa, Cal and Oregon St. Games. To that trio of great RB's, Arizona only allowed a total of 268 yards. Only 29 yards to Iowa. Locker will be forced to pass more than he is used to. Look for some run support from the under-rated LB corps, as well. Those guys are doing great so far.

5. Any explanation for what happened to your defense during the Oregon State game?

Not really. It was frustrating as heck. The defense refused to play any press coverage and allowed Katz to complete everything. Hopefully, that won't happen again.

6. Other than ASU which conference team does your fan base get up the most for?

In my experience, it would have to be Oregon. Arizona stadium has been electric the least several times the Ducks have come down to Tucson.

7. What type of unique football traditions does Arizona have?

Most notably the victory parade that culminates with the ringing of the bell from the U.S.S. Arizona. It's a fun way for fans to celebrate with the team and band.

8. What are Sonoran Hot Dogs?

A gift from the heavens. A hot dog, that is wrapped in bacon, and covered with beans and other goodies. If you ever come to Tucson, try one. Or ten. I recommend 'El Geuro Canelo' on Grant and Oracle.

9. It took Mike Stoops a good amount of time to rebuild the football program. How is he perceived in the local community?

Largely positively. There are many that wish he would calm down on the sidelines, but most agree that's just his style. And there have been a lot of comments made to me recently that indicate a large amount of respect for his "slow and steady" approach to rebuilding Arizona.

10. What about the Arizona football team should concern the Huskies the most?

Mostly the defense. The entire defense had it's pride wounded against the Beavers, and will be out for some redemption. They truly are a special unit.