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Breaking down the offensive line

Some of the readers have asked me to break down the offensive line. Lets take a look at it the way it looks right now and how it is going to look in the spring. The seven man 2010 OL class is going to play a major role next season.

Center - Greg Christine Sr, Mykena Ikehara So

The coaches like Christine because he is like having a coach out there on the field. He gets the guys lined up and headed in the right direction. He is the right man, in the right place, at the right time. He is also often physically over matched. Steven Paea clown stomped him a couple of times last weekend. The coaches would like Ikehara to play at over 280 lbs but he is struggling to keep near 260. This is his third season and he hasn't put the weight on yet. Not sure exactly what type of future he has.

( Spring 2011 - Drew Schaefer, Colin Porter, Mykena Ikehara, Colin Tanigawa )

When Porter arrived on campus he told everyone that he wanted to play center. The need however was at guard and he was a starter by the sixth game of the season. Schaefer started the first five games of the year at center before he took over at right tackle. Do the coaches like Drew better at tackle or center? Will Drew still be one of the five best lineman next spring?

Guard - Ryan Tolar Sr, Erik Kohler Fr, Colin Porter Fr, Nick Wood Jr, James Atoe Fr, Colin Tanigawa Fr

Tolar had his best game of the season last week and the seniors job isn't in doubt during his final season. I could see him possibly sliding back to center if Kohler returns. Tolar, Kohler and Porter would be a pretty good inside for the stretch run. We haven't heard a lot on Atoe and Tanigawa (you never do on redshirts) but the coaches seem to be happy with their development and they will compete for spots in the rotation this spring. Atoe is huge and will likely move to tackle at some point in his career.

( Spring 2011 -  Erik Kohler, Colin Porter, James Atoe, Colin Tanigawa, Nick Wood )

Two educated guesses. I think they keep Kohler at guard in 2011rather than moving him outside. I think that move comes in 2012. Porter will likely start at guard rather than center. Notice how they had Polk run behind him against OSU?

Tackle - Senio Kelemete Jr, Drew Schaefer So, Cody Habben Sr, Daniel Kanczugowski So, Skyler Fancher Jr, Micah Hatchie Fr, Ben Riva, Fr, Michael Criste Fr

Sark said before the season began that Senio Kelemete has the potential to be an All Conference tackle. This is his third different starting position while at UW and the first half of the season has been a learning experience for him. He has had his ups and downs but it is just a matter of time until he starts to put together dominating performances.

Cody Habben lost his starting job last week and that is probably a permanent move unless injuries strike the current starting line up. Cody may not have come back that well from shoulder surgery. Drew Schaefer moved back outside last week to replace him after playing the first five games at center. He could potentially move back inside if Kohler returns.

Skyler Fancher hasn't been listed in the depth this season. He really hasn't come back from his injury. I don't see him being a factor this or next season. You can never have enough Daniel Kanzugowki's. The walk on from O'Dea's specialty has been coming in as a blocking TE or extra offensive tackle in power sets. I am not sure how much of a role he will have next season but at the very least he is a great guy to practice against.

( Spring 2011 - Senio Kelemete, Drew Schaefer, Erik Kohler, Micah Hatchie, Ben Riva, Michael Cristie )

Micah Hatchie is going to be a good one. The coaches love his quick feet and he has left tackle written all over him. In the meantime he could be your starting right tackle next season. Erik Kohler can also be a natural left tackle but I think they keep him inside till Kelemete moves on. Ben Riva has had a good fall and the folks who visit practice feel he can challenge for playing time this spring. Michael Criste is a little bit behind them but is still a promising prospect.

The 2011 Recruiting Class

It is really rare when you find a couple of freshman offensive lineman that can not only help in their first season, but start, and do well. You would love to find a couple of kids who have the talent to contribute immediately every year. Kohler and Porter are exceptions to that rule

The Huskies have three OL verbals for the 2011 class and will likely sign five.

Maatua Brown - He could play on either side of the ball but he has work to do to qualify. He is pretty highly regarded and would be a great get if he can get in.

Dexter Charles -  Dexter is kind of a mauler. He is the best offensive line prospect in the state this season. Sounds like he could use a year in the weight room before he is ready to contribute.

Sosifa Tutunga - This guy was way under the radar and is labeled as a project.  Most offensive lineman are when they come in. Sark knows his coach and saw something he liked. Expect him to spend a couple of years learning and getting stronger before he contributes.

In a perfect world the Huskies fill out the class with Cyrus Hobbi, Ryan Nowicki and either Akeem Gonzalez, or Deontae Levingtson.