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The Monday Morning Wash

So what is wrong with the Huskies? They go down to LA and upset the Trojans. They return home and lay an egg against Arizona State.  Why can't this team turn in consistent performances from week to week?

If you ask a few assistant coaches from around the league who are familiar with the Huskies they will tell you that the problems start up front. Washington's lines don't have enough talent and depth at this point to compete with the majority of the schools in the conference day in and day out.

It takes three to four years of consistent recruiting and development to rebuild an offensive line. The Huskies technically are in the first year of that process but there is hope on the horizon. Erik Kohler who missed the game with Mono may be the Huskies best offensive lineman.

Kohler is a member of a talented class of seven frosh who are being developed to make an impact in the near future. Colin Porter could get his first start against Oregon State this week. I actually find it strange that they didn't go in that direction against ASU.

Washington wins when they score thirty or more points per game. The defense while far from exceptional has played well enough to give the team a good chance to win in four of five games. This team wins when Jake Locker has a good game. It can beat better teams when he has a great one.

It was evident early that Jake wasn't going to win the ASU game on his own. The coaches should have relied more on a power running game that featured the running of Polk and Callier and was led by the blocking of an extra tackle and FB Austin Sylvester.

It would have been interesting to see what Polk and Callier could have done combining for 40 or more carries. They could have controlled the ball, ran the clock, and limited ASU's time of possession. Running the ball more would have taken a lot of pressure off Jake. Sark didn't recognize it and it seems that running the ball is secondary to passing in his offense.

Arizona State isn't a bad team, but they certainly aren't a great team, or even necessarily a better team. They had a better game plan and adapted to the weather better than the Huskies did. They got ahead early, eliminated mistakes, and made the Huskies chase them.

On a rainy night in Seattle running the ball right at ASU was the right call. Sark needs to start relying more on his running game. He needs to run it until the opposition can show they can stop it. With a set of talented running backs on the roster throwing the ball on second and five shouldn't be the first option in the playbook.


OSU WR James Rodgers is definitely out for the game and possibly the season with a knee injury. Results won't be known till Tuesday. If you are a Beaver fan it doesn't look good but Rodgers could qualify for a medical red shirt.

Oregon didn't play its best game of the season against WSU but the win coupled with a Alabama loss has the Ducks ranked #2 in the nation behind Ohio State. QB Darron Thomas injured his right shoulder against WSU and is expected to be fine. RB Kenjon was knocked cold during the game and was hospitalized with a concussion.

OSU QB Ryan Katz completed 30-of-42 for 393 yards and two touchdowns in the win over Arizona.

Pac Ten Power Ratings

1. Oregon...Did they bring their A game to Pullman? Will Thomas play next week?

2. Oregon State...Big win on the road for the Beavers but they may have lost James Rodgers for the season.

3. Stanford...Gutty last second win over the Trojans.

4. Arizona...Tough loss at home.

5. California... Solid performance against UCLA.

6. Arizona State...The Devils played well and will win more than they lose this year.

7. Washington...A missed opportunity on a rainy night.

8. Southern Cal...Two tough last second losses in the last two weeks.

9. UCLA...Cal exposed them for what they are...a team with too many holes and not much offense.

10. Washington State...This is a team that keeps improving every week.