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The Final Line - Washington 31 USC 28

Washington travels to Los Angeles to take on the undefeated USC Trojans in the Coliseum. Washington has an all time 10-31 record in this stadium so winning here is never a given even when we have a great team. After watching both these teams play this season I can honestly say the neither is a great team at this point.

The Trojans are 4-0 but wins over Hawaii, Virginia, and Minnesota were less than impressive. USC could have lost either one of those games. Only against WSU did they look dominating but the Cougars simply aren't very good and probably would have been buried by the first three teams the Trojans faced this season.

Two weeks ago I went against my gut and picked Washington over Nebraska. In hindsight that was a pretty bad pick but I honestly thought we would be in the game in the fourth quarter. This week my gut says Washington and I am going with it even though logic tells everyone that the Trojans should be favored by 10.

I predict that Jake Locker is going to bounce back strong this weekend. He should be very comfortable working against the USC defense because he faces it in practice every single day. I think the team as a whole will be a lot more comfortable this week.

I've watched every USC game so far this season and one word describes their play...lackadaisical. I think this is the week that it catches up to them. Matt Barkley is a good looking QB but hehas been throwin too many picks lately and UW should be able to take advantage of that.

Washington 31 USC 28