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Seahawks fire Jim Mora

The Seattle Seahawks announced to day that they have fired head coach Jim Mora after only one year on the job. Mora was a top candidate for last years opening at his alma mater the University of washington but passed his supposed dream job up because he didn't want to back out of an earlier committment that he had made to Seahawks owner Paul Allen to succeed Mike Holmgren as head coach.

Allen didn't have any qualms about terminating his committment to Mora today. Word is that team CEO Todd Leiweke fought to retain Mora and the coaching staff but Allen chose to go in a different direction. it sounds like Allen who passed on Mike Holmgren as team president a week ago wants to clean house and start over with some ne blood.

Mora had three years remaining on the coaching contract he signed in 2008 when he was designated Seattle's coaching heir. Those three years total more than $11 million. So in other words Jim isn't going to be hurting financially or probably ever. It does mean some upheaval in the Mora household because he will likely catch on as an assistant somewhere else which means the family will have to pull up roots once again in Seattle.

What a difference a year makes in the world of sports.

Update: Seahawks have targeted Pete Carroll and he is very interested according to ESPN's Chris Mortenson

Carroll did not return messages, but a league source said Carroll is interested in the job and is trying to persuade USC offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates to join him in Seattle -- as opposed to Bates pursuing the same position with the Chicago Bears.

Said another source close to Carroll: "You're about to see a big headline that shakes up the major college football world," in reference to the Seahawks' development. The Seahawks did not confirm Carroll as a leading candidate but also did not deny it.

I wouldn't mind seeing Pete Carroll in Seattle and out at USC at all. What I wouldn't like is Steve Sarkisian being the leading candidate to take over at USC which would be a logical consequence.